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Christmas Reflections and Activities 2012

Here are a few PDF’s for you to use and reflect on this Christmas season!


An Indescribable Gift ~ Fun stories that we can all relate to. But let’s make a few observations about the Christmas season based on these common everyday situations. Each story has a lesson.

If Jesus Had Never Been Born ~ Years ago, a book called If, or History Rewritten asked a number of intriguing questions, such as: What if the Moors had won in Spain? What if Louis XVI had been a strong, firm king? What if Lee had won at Gettysburg? What if Booth had missed Lincoln? But an even more important question is: What if Jesus had never been born?

5 Big Messages of the Nativity ~ From the prophesies recorded thousands of years before he came, to the incredible things that occurred when he arrived, Jesus’ birth was surrounded by the astonishing. God used these amazing events to communicate that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah who would be the Savior of the world.

Songs of Advent Handout ~ Most of us love to sing Christmas songs, since we only get to do it once a year (unless you work in a department store that plays Christmas music). As familiar as we are with the songs of Christmas, there are four songs we may not be familiar with that celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Generation of Faith Advent Sampler ~ Home Activities for Advent-Christmas

Generation of Faith Sampler For The Parish ~ Parish Preparation Activities for Advent-Christmas

Tears of the King ~ Poem for Christmas

Don’t Forget the Lyrics Christmas Game ~ A fun Christmas Song Game to use as an ice breaker

The Christmas Killers ~ Christmas Sermon from Kurt Johnston for you to use and adapt

The Miracle of Christmas PDF ~ Celebrate the mystery and wonder of Jesus’ birth.  Reflection

A Christmas Alphabet ~ A reflection on each letter of the Alphabet for Christmas

The Ten Commandments of Christmas ~ A Christmas relfection based on the Ten Commandments

The Night Before Christmas ~ A more spiritual version of the famous Christmas story

Christmas To Do List ~ So often in the Christmas story, we focus on the main characters: Mary, Joseph, and, of course, Jesus. But through the short account in Luke 2:8–20, we can learn from the shepherds four things that should make the top of our to-do list this Christmas.

Fasting ~ Fasting & Abstinence FAQ ~ Website: The Catholic Doors Ministry Presents A Treasure Of 178 CHRISTMAS SONGS (Text Only)

Deck the Halls Game ~ A fun Christmas Trivia Game

New Year’s Game  ~ A fun New Year’s Trivia Game

Christmas Don’t Forget the Lyrics_SD ~ Christmas Don’t Forget the Lyrics Game (Christmas Song Version) ~ Bible coloring sheets for kids Nativity, Easter and Noah’s Ark!


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