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45 Ways to Celebrate the Year of Faith as a Family

Why a year of faith?
The year is an occasion for
the faithful to understand
more profoundly that the
foundation of Christian faith
is “the encounter with an
event, a person, which gives
life a new horizon and a
decisive direction.” Founded
on the encounter with the
Risen Christ, faith can be
rediscovered in its wholeness
and all its splendor. “In our
days too, faith is a gift to
rediscover, to cultivate and
to bear witness to” because
the Lord “grants each one of
us to live the beauty and joy
of being Christians.” (1).
Why pray the CREED?
The Latin root of the word
credo means “I give my
heart to.” In Hebrew it
means “steadfastness”.
When we pray the creed, we
are giving our heart and
fidelity to God (who gives
you his heart & loyalty for
all of eternity). (2)
Where is faith seen in
Scripture? (to get you
Matthew 8:26
Mark 10:52; 16:16
James 2:17
Eph 4: 3-6
Heb 11:1

Download the Roman Catholic PDF or use the ideas below with your families and students. – See more at:

1. Pray the Nicene Creed together everyday, or at least before family dinner on Sunday. (taken from St Michael’s Ukr Cath Church NJ)

2. Live Sunday as a family day and attend Liturgy together (Roman Catholic Mass Ideas for Children and Teens).

3. Find out everyone’s baptismal anniversary & celebrate the gift of God’s love & of faith.

4. Plant a garden from seeds, tend it, & watch!

5. Set a goal, make a plan to work towards it & celebrate accomplishments–big & small.

6. Tell each family member you love them each day & believe in the difference it will make!

7. Pass on dessert, offering it for a special intention & believe in the good it will do!

8. In a moment of frustration, say a prayer rather than swear.

9. Surprise your kid(s)! Pick them up from school to go and play in the park together.

10. Put a note in your child’s backpack so they find it at school…believe it will change their day.

11. Eat dinner together at least once a week as a family.

12. Find times of silence (in the car or on a walk; turn off the TV, computer, & cell phone–even texting) then listen.

13. Wake up early & prepare breakfast for everyone.

14. Drive your kids to school one day & stop to see their locker.

15. Read the Sunday Liturgy readings on Saturday evening.

16. At birthday celebrations, tell the person what you are grateful for about their life.

17. Invite your neighbors to dinner.

18. Visit the Zoo & marvel at God’s creation & his creativity!

19. Arrive 15 minutes early to Liturgy (or service) on Sunday to BE with God. Thank Him for your life!

20. Pray and sing the Jesus prayer together (sung in Ukrainian here).

21. Visit a nursing home and the residents; many are without family & would love a smile and friendly conversation.

22. Invite your kids’ friend’s parents to dinner. Share about your families.

23. Make a date with each child personally. Talk, listen, share…love!

24. Say no when necessary & have faith you are preparing your kids for the ups and downs of life, and teaching them to trust in God, who loves us!

25. Buy a picture of Jesus, Mary, a favorite saint or a crucifix & put it up in your house–they are part of your family too!

26. Read a favorite book to your kids.

27. SMILE, it’s good to be alive!!!

28. Seek not to interrupt one another.

29. Feed the birds, you are their steward!

30. Compliment people, especially your spouse!

31. Play with your kids in the snow (when it comes!)

32. Talk to your kids about relatives who are far away or deceased.

33. Play a board game together.

34. Pray the Rosary (or at least a decade) together.

35. Make a manger scene together as a family for Christmas.

36. Invite a priest to come & bless your house.

37. Read out of the Catechism to know the teachings of the Church.

38. Visit the Cathedral of our archeparchy.

39. Open the door of faith to another person.

40. Donate unused toys or clothes to a Shelter.

41. Take time to reflect upon your favorite icon.

42. Reflect on the gift of faith–who is God for you?

43. Bag someone else’s groceries.

44. Find the positive in the negative.

45. Read a passage on faith and Pray the Creed.

How have you celebrated the Year of Faith with your family this year?

– See more at:

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