Archeparchy of Winnipeg

A Call to Serve as a Deacon

Do you feel God calling you in your life?  Perhaps to a life of service as a priest, deacon, monk, or nun?  Or perhaps to help out the Church and your fellow men and women in the world by working as a layperson?  Or do you feel called to the married life?  Perhaps you feel God calling you to live a chaste and celibate life while working in His vineyard?

Prayer For Vocations


This brochure is put out by Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitan Archeparchy of Philadelphia, but it may answer some of your questions!

“A Call to Serve as a Deacon” Brochure

Click to download Deacon Brochure in English PDF

Click to download Deacon Brochure in Ukrainian PDF

If a man believes God is calling him to this
vocation and meets the admission requirements,
it is recommended that he initially speak to his
pastor. Then he should contact the Chancery
Diaconate office and request an application
packet. It will include the application form and a
questionnaire for his wife if married. A separate
questionnaire will be sent from the Chancery to
his pastor. An interview with the Archieparchial
diaconal board will be required before admission
into the program. Candidates may begin
theological studies in the fall or spring semester
at an approved Catholic University or Roman
Catholic diaconal program. Details regarding a
Theological, Spiritual, and Pastoral formation will
be worked out after acceptance into the
program. After ordination, deacons are
assigned to parishes to assist the pastor in his
ministry with the faithful. While deacons are
usually assigned to parishes in the area near
their residence, deacons are not necessarily
assigned to their home parishes.

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