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Games and Icebreakers

Games and Icebreakers

Icebreaker Games for the Beginning of the Year
Seat all youth in a circle give each person a handful of M & Ms. Explain that each color represents a cue to say
something about themselves. For example: Red-tell something about your family, Green-tell something
you did over the summer, Yellow- tell what you like to do in your spare time, Blue – tell about a pet you
have. Take turns going around the circle saying something about each color. Brown M & Ms are free just
to eat.
Take a ball of yarn and say the name of the person that you are throwing it to. By the end of the game you
have a spider web. You can then pull on the yarn and talk about how everyone is connected (because they
will feel the pull). Ask what happens to the web when someone isn’t there.
This is a good game for getting the youth into pairs ready for the next game, but it’s also an icebreaker. Cards
with one half of a well-known duo are either given out or laid on the floor upside down for them to pick
up, e.g. ‘fish’ and ‘chips’. They have to find the corresponding half to their card.
You can also do this with old Christmas card pictures cut in half or if you want groups of 3 or 4 you can cut
the pictures up into more pieces.
A small foam ball is good for this. Everyone stands in a circle and one person is given the ball. They throw it to
someone, saying their own name as they does so. That person then does the same thing and so on until everyone
has had a go. Then the Leader stops the game and tells them that this time, they must say the name of the
person they are throwing to.
Do this either with the whole group together or split into groups if it`s a larger group. The Leader tells the people to get into order of, say, birthday, then perhaps height, shoe size, house number, etc. It’s always fun to see how much the youth have in common!
The youth stand in a circle. One person starts off by saying “Hi, my name’s …..” and says their name while doing
an action, e.g. raising both thumbs, or twirling around, or marching on the spot – be creative! The next person
says in reply “Nice to meet you …..” and says the previous person`s name while repeating their action. They then
introduces themselves and does their own action. The next person replies and copies the action and so on and so on
round the circle.
The next time you could get them to repeat ALL of the previous youth`s names and actions before they do
their own!
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These are not in any particular order.
Mother/Daughter Icebreaker
A fun ice breaker/game is to ask the daughters a list of questions. (Beforehand if
possible) Then read the answers out loud at the tea. Some of these questions
would be:
1. How tall is your mother?
2. What’s her favorite color/flower/food/restaurant/store/movie/activity/etc.
3. What do like best about your mother?
This is hilarious if the daughters are still children. We’ve had kids answer that
their mother is 9 feet tall and her favorite place to shop is the toy store and her
favorite restaurant is McDonalds. You get the idea. I personally like this one
because we can learn little tidbits about each other and have fun at the same
Name That Tea
Have several types of tea. The only thing that identifies them for the ladies is a
number. Have a slip of paper for each of them to write down the names of each
numbered tea bag. You can put a few tea bags of one kind into a bowl (having a
bowl for each of the kinds that they are to identify). You can have these located at
a table somewhere in the room or pass the bowls around to each table. Do not
mix the different teas together as the scents will mix together and they will all
smell the same. A prize for the mother/daughter team that guesses the most teas
Tea Bag Toss
Like an egg toss. Since you are using hats, maybe they can catch them in their
hats. It sounds easy, but the farther you get apart the harder they are to toss
accurately. Advantage: no one messes up their pretty clothes.
Musical Bags Icebreaker
Materials: Paper sacks, various fun items to wear. For example: a bright feather
boa, a funny pair of glasses, a funny hat, etc. Put one item in each paper bag
and seal it shut.
For each table or small group of ladies, start with one or more sealed papersacks with one item in it. Start playing some music. During this time the ladies
pass the bags around the table or their group. When the music stops, the person
holding the bag has to open it and put on what is in the bag. All the ladies who
end up with the bag have to put the item on, go to the stage to “model” it, and
have a group picture taken.
Another variation is to seal a corsage in each bag, and announce from the stage
that each bag contains “bloomers,” and the one holding the bag when the music
stops will be required to wear them for the rest of the evening. Many women will
think there is a rather large pair of underwear in the bag and will do anything not
to be holding it when the music stops. Very fun!
Open the Door
Sometimes it can be hard to “get the ball rolling” in a small group at a retreat or
event where women do not know each other well. This is a great way to
encourage sharing.
With everyone sitting around a table or in a circle, pass a door knob around to
each person giving them each a chance to answer a question. Begin with an
opening question that invites people to share about themselves. Here are some
I attend church at…
My favorite color is…
My favorite food is…
My earliest childhood memory is…
Go around the group a couple of times with the general questions and then ask
each woman to answer the question: “What doors has God opened for me?”
(Variation: What doors have I closed on God?, What doors has God reopened in
my life?)
Balloon Couture
Objectives: To see which team can attach the most balloons to one
woman on their team – the “model.”
Materials: At least 40 balloons and a roll of scotch tape per team.
Procedure: Divide the group into teams. Each team must blow up their
balloons and then proceed to see which team can attach the most
balloons to their “model” in a ten minute time period. Balloons can
be stuffed under clothing or body parts or taped to the “model”.
When the ten minutes are up each model must walk to the front of the group trying not to lose any balloons. The team whose “model” has
most balloons wins.
Crazy Chairs
Objectives: An active ice breaker to get people warmed up and to
know each other.
Materials: Circle of chairs
Procedure: Form a circle of chairs with someone seated in each chair
and one person standing in the middle. The person in the middle says
something about themselves. For example I play the flute. Everyone
who plays the flute gets up and quickly trades chairs. One person will
be left standing and that person is then in the middle and says
something about herself.
It’s a fun game as you never know what the statement will be or who will
be getting up.
Guess Whose Pajamas
Objectives: To try and guess whose pajamas are whose.
Materials: Brown paper grocery bags and a magic marker.
Procedure: We had tons of fun with this! We met in a home for
a Sunday School get together for our ladies. Each lady was told to
bring whatever she sleeps in each night in a brown paper grocery bag
so that you cannot see it. As the lady entered the door we had
someone there to greet and number their bag. Those who were helping
to set-up started numbering their bags as bag #1 and so on, till the
first guest arrived. When she came in we closed the bag and put the
next number on her bag with a big black magic marker. When every had
arrived, we ate and settled around the living room.
To start the game, we gave each lady a pencil and a piece of paper and
had them number however many bags we had. Then we had our host
open bag number #1 and hold up the pajamas from the bag, then this is
where the fun began…everybody had to guess who they thought it
belonged to. After all bags had been opened we started over again with
bag #1 and that person had to confess who they were. Whoever had the most
guesses on.
This was so much fun, and you would not believe what these girls came with. It helped us laugh and get to know each other better.
Scripture Balloons
One game I did with our ladies: I had 1 inflated balloon for each participant. I tied
about 2 feet of string to each balloon. Inside each was a Scripture promise
written on a piece of paper and folded. Each lady tied their balloon to one of their
ankles. On “GO”, they would try to pop another’s balloon while trying to keep
theirs from being popped. If theirs was popped they would pick up their promise
and sit down. The last one to still have their balloon is the winner. Then I had all
the ladies read their promise aloud. I then shared with them how Satan tries to
pop our balloons and make us forget the promises of God, but the promises are
there even when our “balloon gets popped”. Need lots of room for this one, but it
is so much fun!
Fruit Basket Turnover
Everyone sits in a circle with one person sitting on a chair in the middle. Each
person is given a different fruit name. The person in the middle names off a fruit.
The fruit that was named has to jump up and change seats while the person in
the middle tries to find a seat. The person left standing is the next one to call out
fruits. Instead of naming a bunch of fruits, at any time, the person in the middle
can say, “Fruit Basket Turn-over” and every one has to get up and change seats.
It is a fast paced game and gets a lot of laughs.
Fruit Salad
Group members receive individual slips of paper, and they are asked, ‘If we were
making a fruit salad, what part would you be: apple, grape, other fruit, syrup,
bowl; and why?’ They must write their responses, and put their name on the
paper, handing it back to the leader. The group then guesses who identified
themselves as what, based on the written description.
Peel an Apple
Each person receives an apple and a paring knife, the person with the longest
piece of “skin” wins.
Objectives: To help ladies meet new people by talking to EVERYONE at an
event, not just the people they already know.
Materials: Questions, paper, pens, basket
Procedure: Prior to your event, write down many different questions on smallsheets of paper. The questions should be thought-provoking and/or fun. We used
questions such as “When you were a child, what did you want to be when you
grew up?” “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?”
“What part of your daily routine do you enjoy most?” etc. Be creative, and try to
have as many different questions as possible. It’s okay to double up on a few if
Fold up the questions and put them in a basket. As the ladies arrive, ask the
ladies to draw a question from the basket. Explain that the object is for them to
ask that question to as many people as possible. Instruct them to introduce
themselves and write down the names and a brief version of the answer for
everyone they talk to. We had about 30 ladies at our event and devoted about a
half-hour for the ladies to mingle and ask their questions.
When you are ready to wrap up, have everyone take a seat. Go around the room
and ask each lady to state their name, their question, and share either a common
theme to the answers or a particularly unique answer.
Mirror Icebreaker
You could do the icebreaker thing where you wrap up a box like a present. You
place a mirror in the bottom of the box. The box has to have a lid on the top that
you can wrap up separate than the box. Put a large bow on top of it. (I always
use a shoebox–Works well)
As your ladies or arrive. Tell them that you have something very special in the
box and ask them if they would like to see what it is. We all are curious so
everyone always wants to see. Tell them it’s something unique that God gave as
a special gift to the world. I’ve done this with kids sometimes, and I always tell
them it’s kind of like a magic box because when they look inside they’ll see
something that no one else will see when they peek inside. The gift God made to
the world is just so unique–it’s one of a kind. Lift the lid for each lady to peek
inside. Tell them not to tell anyone what they saw in the box so that no one is
expecting a mirror to be there.
“Most Embarrassing Moment”
Make sure all the ladies had nametags on. Each gets an index card & had to
write down a description of their most embarrassing moment. All of the cards
were put into a private box. Then, the game leader read them one by one. There
were 20 women present, so we each had a piece of paper numbered from 1-20
to write down who we thought the most embarrassing moment belonged to. At
the end, the game leader re-read bits of the embarrassing moments & the person
to whom the moment belonged had to stand up. The one with the most correct

Icebreaker: Verse Match
A fun and challenging way to encourage women to mingle at an event.
How well do we know the Word of God? This is a simple way to “mix” women up
before an event.
What you need: Index cards
Depending on the size of your group you can do this several ways, but the basic
idea is to take a scripture verse and write it out on several cards. If your group is
very large, you can put one or two words on eight cards to fill a table. If you have
a smaller group, divide the verse in half to match up pairs. Whatever works for
Write out the verses on index cards ahead of time and put them on the chairs or
table where your group will meet.
when they arrive have them pick up the word(s) and find the partner(s) that
complete the bible verse. Each group/pair can read their verse to “be sure” that
all the verses are indeed correct! To make the game more challenging you can
set a time limit.
Balloon Pop – Icebreaker
One game we did which was hilarious was to see who had the most unique thing
in her pocketbook. You wouldn’t believe some of the things they had in there
purses! One lady had a pair of dentures she had found in a restaurant
Another game we played was fun, too. The game leader had a list of items. We
split the women into 2 teams. The leader would call out the item & the first
person to find it in and run it up to the leader would get points for her team. Some
of the items were a pair of socks (which they took off their feet), sunglasses, a
purple ink pen, checks with a cartoon character on them, an umbrella…it was lots
of fun.
Timed Alphabet Game
The objective of this game is for each team to find as many words as they can in
about 5 minutes. The team with the most words at the end of 5 minutes is the
winner. Where do the letters come from to form the words??? … A Box of
Alphabets cereal!
Two Teams of Women, Two Tables, Two Boxes of Alphabet cereal.
Each team opens their box of alphabets cereal onto their table. Each teammember starts to pick through the letters to form words. You’ll hear one women
say … “Anybody got an ‘E'”. You can give bonus points to the team with words
that are longer the 5 letters. Our women’s group played this game with the
residents of a Women’s Shelter and we had a great time. At the end of the game
one person from each team to go to the opposers table to check to make sure
that the other team actually did form actual words.
Making Time
Our devotion was on time and how God already has it planned out ie, Eccl. 3.
This was used to show the women how little time it took to do something special
for one another.
a small vase or container; 2-3 bouquets of artificial flowers, cut separately off the
main stem; foam to hold flowers in place depending on container; watch with
second hand; ‘WINNER’ ribbon I made mine from construction paper
Before the meeting, place the individual flowers around the room, hiding or just
laying around. Tape the winner ribbon under a chair of random choice. After the
devotion on time, tell the women they have 2 minutes to gather all the flowers
and place in container setting on the table. Once the flowers are arranged and
the flowerpot made, then tell them under one of the chairs is a winner ribbon. The
one with the ribbon wins the flowerpot. The women loved it and the flowerpot was
lovely. While the ladies were getting the flowers my helper made a circle with the
chairs and we used them as a closing prayer circle. I also cut the stems before
hand different lengths to give a better effect.
Bag Skit
Objectives: To get the people to work as a group
Materials: Bags filled with random objects…usually three or more objects
Procedure : Break the group into smaller groups. Usually three to four per group.
Hand each group a bag filled with objects and give them a certain time limit.
Within this time they are to come up with a skit using only the objects in the bag.
After the time limit is up each group presents their skit.
Have the ladies pick 3 or 4 (or ever how many you’d like) and then go around the
group and have each lady name things that they are thankful for which starts with
the letters that they chose. Cherries!
Objective: Eat a cherry from a bowl filled with whipped cream.
Adults, Teens, Couples, and Singles
Game type:
Active. A lot of movement may be required.
4 or more players
Needed: Bowls Maraschino cherries Canned whipped cream
Rules: Ask who at the party likes cherries. When you have several volunteers,
place in front of each of them a maraschino cherry in a bowl. Explain that this will
be a race to see who can eat their cherry first. They cannot use their hands. Just
as they think this will be an easy game, you go around with a can of whipped
cream and fill each bowl. Now you have a fun game. The winner is the first to find
and eat the cherry. Have a camera handy!
Version of Beat the Clock
We had two ladies face off in a laundry basket challenge. We had two loads of
unfolded clothes that they had to fold. We timed it. It was a hoot. Took only 45
Name (Find) that Hymn
Something fun we did one year is handed out index cards with church song titles
on them. Each person had to walk around the room and sing or hum their song
and find the person that was singing the same song as them. Then find out three
facts about that person. We did not have quite as many people as you but you
could make about 4-5 of the same song so the groups would be bigger. It was
really fun and different from the typical ice breaker game we usually had
Pass and Chew
An icebreaker I’ve done before which could be adapted to this theme….each
group gets a pair of garden gloves… they have to open a package of gum with
the gloves on, open a piece and eat it before passing the gum and gloves on to
the next person. It is not very easy to do and it is a lot of fun. You could use Juicy
Fruit or Fruit Stripes gum.
Prayer Calendar
For our next event I am making a Prayer Calendar. Our event is on April 1 so I
am using an April calendar. On each day of the month I am putting a description
that would fit a lady – a teacher, a student, a grandmother, someone born outsideUSA, someone born in the same state as you….you get the idea.
Each lady will be given a calendar and will need to get a signature from a lady
that meets the description. The idea is that everyone should meet at least 30
other ladies and find out something about them and then pray for them on the
appropriate day.
Luau Games
Word Game- I found 20 Hawaiian words with their meanings through an Internet
search. I listed the Hawaiian words from 1-20. Beside each I put 3 English words
& they had to circle, which they thought meant the same thing. They really had
fun with that!
Limbo Contest – We had a limbo contest, which, much to my surprise, everyone
participated! I really only expected the younger gals to join in, but the winner was
a 62-year-old! We also had a hula-hoop contest.
Fruit of the Spirit
Use Jelly Belly Fruit bowl Jelly Beans (or other favorite fruit flavored candy). I
used this at my Council meeting and it was a hit. (I also corresponded the natural
fruit with the spiritual fruit. See below.) Have each person choose their favorite
“fruit” and then finish the statement Red (Cherry, because it has pits) I really
loose my SELF-CONTROL when my child ________________. Yellow (Lemon
represents a zest for life) I find my greatest JOY in mothering to be
________________. Lt. Green (Lime, mixes well with a lot of things like a
peaceful spirit) The thing that brings the greatest PEACE in my life
is_____________. Dr. Green (Green Apple, natural and serene color, even and
balanced like patience) I loose my PATIENCE the easiest when
___________________. White (Coconut, got milk? A little kindness goes a long
way.) I try to teach KINDNESS to my children by _________________. Blue
(Blueberry, delicate skin, sweet & gentle) I desire to be a GENTLE mother
because _________________. Orange (Oranges, layers & sections to represent
all areas woman, wife, mothers, daughter, friend) MOPS has been FAITHFUL to
help me to _______________. Yellow Speckled (Peach, warm/fuzzy like
goodness) I believe the GOODNESS of mothering is displayed by
Was at a shower and they had little plastic babies frozen into ice cubes in a little
plastic cup. Each person got one and had to be the first to have their “water
break”. Which meant the first melted ice cube won the game. Rules: You coulddo anything to get your ice to melt EXCEPT you could not touch the ice. You
could touch the cup, breath on it etc. (I put mine into my hot coffee which melted
the ice, I then scooped the baby out, and alas, I won the game! It was defiantly a
different one that I had never seen before. Could have as many winners as you
At a bridal shower I was at recently, the hostess did the “old game” of having 2
girls walk around showing several people kitchen items on a tray that we thought
we were supposed to look at and then write down what we could remember
when the trays were taken away and she gave the signal — but she put a twist in
it and asked us to write down everything we could remember about the two girls
who carried the trays! This could easily be adapted for a baby shower by putting
baby supplies on the tray.
This same hostess made up something like a bingo card (only she stressed it
was not bingo or lotto) with different items on it that the recipient might receive at
a shower. There were, I think, five items in across and five items down, and every
time the honoree opened a gift we circled whatever it was on our cards. The first
person to get 5 in a row in any direction got a prize. The hostess tried to make
every card different so nobody would “tie”. She said she did it partially to keep
the attention on the honoree instead of having people break off into little
conversational groups during the gift opening.
GUESS THE CHRISTMAS CAROL (Answers below; don’t peek yet!)
1. Approach everyone who is steadfast.
2. Ecstasy toward the orb.
3. Listen, the foretelling spirits harmonize.
4. Hey, minuscule urban area south of Jerusalem.
5. Quiescent nocturnal period.
6. The autocratic troika originating near the ascent of Apollo.
7. The primary carol.
8. Embellish the corridors.
9. I’m fantasizing concerning a blanched Yuletide.
10. I observed my maternal parent osculating with a corpulent, unshaven
male in crimson disguise.
11. During the time ovine caretakers supervised their charges.
12. Virtuous royal philanthropist.
13. The thing manifested itself at the onset of a transparent day.
14. What offspring abides thus?
15. Removed in a bovine feeding trough.
16. Valentino, the roseate proboscis wapiti.
17. The slight percussionist lad.
18. Father Christmas approaches the metropolis.
19. Seraphim we aurally detected in the stratosphere.
20. The Creator reassures you, lively fellows. Answers:
1. O Come, All Ye Faithful
2. Joy to the World
3. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing
4. O Little Town of Bethlehem
5. Silent Night
6. We Three Kings of Orient Are
7. The First Noel
8. Deck the Halls
9. White Christmas
10. I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
11. While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night
12. Good King Wenceslaus
13. It came upon the Midnight Clear
14. What Child Is This?
15. Away in a Manger
16. Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer
17. Little Drummer Boy
18. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
19. Angels We Have Heard on High
20. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Christmas – Find Out Who Game
The Goal is to Find out who has done everything on the list First… or
just use it as an icebreaker!
Guest’s Name ____________________________
1. Never has had a “White Christmas”_______________________________
2. Has celebrated Christmas in another country_____________________
3. Returned a gift s/he received last Christmas_______________________
4. Has seen a real, live reindeer ___________________________________
5. Believed in Santa Claus until s/he was 10 years old)_______________
6. Loves the Christmas song “What child is this?”_____________________
7. Has been to
8. Went Christmas caroling last year_________________________________
9. Has peaked at a present before Christmas________________________
10. Still gets his/her own stocking filled each year__________________
11. Has all his/her Christmas shopping done______________________
12. Hasn’t done any of his/her Christmas shopping yet ________________
13. Has never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”___________________________
14. Has seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” too many times____________________
15. Has “regifted” a Christmas present______________________________
16. Knows all the reindeers names __________________________________ 17. Has never made snowman__________________________________
18. Knows what s/he is getting for Christmas this year________________
19. Has made “figgy pudding” at least once____________________________
20. Doesn’t like eggnog______________________________________
It’s a a race to be the first person to fill in the blanks with someone
who fits the description!!
Pass the Gift Game Poem
Materials: One wrapped gift (does not need to be expensive, a dollar store item is
fine); and poem below.
Procedure: Read the poem below to pass the gift around and see who ends up
with it!
1. Take this gift and with out a sigh look around, then give to a woman with
eyes of brown.
2. Yes, you are the lucky one for a moment, but let us all share in the fun!
Please look around with eyes discreet, and give it to the one with the
smallest feet.
3. Your feet are tiny and very small, now hand the gift to someone tall.
4. Please take your time and don’t be harried. Give it to the one who is
longest married.
5. You must be proud of your life, now please pass this to the newest wife.
6. Of this parcel you are bereft, give it to the one on your left.
7. The largest earrings we are looking for now, if you are wearing them,
step up and bow.
8. Now to the person with button, big, small, any kind… the most you can
find, gets the gift this time.
9. Now don’t get cross and please don’t fight, but pass it to the person
third on your right.
10. We should stop soon don’t you agree, The gift is yours to keep with
If you would like, you can add this last “twist”…
11. Inside you’ll see another gift…to continue the game. Pass it to your
neighbor on the left, she’ll be glad she came!
A Versatile Game
A fun game we played at a couple of our brunches over the years: Write the
names of Christmas characters on individual slips of paper, e.g. Santa, Rudolph,
Mary, Joseph, etc. Pin one on the BACK of each gal as they arrive. Then as they
mingle over punch or hot cider they must ask questions of others to learn their
identity. The trick is though, that these questions must have a yes or no answer
only! Like, “Am I a person?” or “Am I an animal?” Once they have solved their
identity they can take their slip of paper off. You can make the characters as easy
or difficult as you like.

White Elephant
Everyone takes a number and #1 goes first and picks a gift….#2 then can steal
from number 1 or pick a new gift. #3 can steal from those open already or get a
new one from the pile, etc. The highest numbers are best because you can steal
from anyone who has opened already or get one remaining from the pile. If you
steal, the person who lost theirs opens up a new one.
Play a game and let those winning first get first pick from the pile….you could do
the name game where you have the name of a person, place or thing on a sticker
on the back of their shirt. They have to ask yes or no answer questions to find out
what or who they are. Like “am I human?” “am I soft?” “do I have hair?”, “do I
breath?” and others they mingle with have to answer with yes or no. Once you
have guessed what’s on your back you can go to the present table and pick a
wrapped or unwrapped gift.
You can go with the theme. For example for Christmas I used names like Star of
Bethlehem, Frosty, baby Jesus, Mary, snowflake, reindeer, gift, manger, etc.

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