Archeparchy of Winnipeg

Mission Days: A 10 Day Journey

A time to reflect on the reading of the Book of Acts (daily Epistle) from Ascension Thursday to Pentecost

Mission Days Guidebook 

1. Guidebook in English (click here)

2.  Guidebook in Ukrainian (click here)

3.  Instructions for Priests in Ukrainian (click here)

4.  Instructions for Priests in English (click here)


Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Mt 28:19
During these Mission Days, in anticipation of Pentecost, let us ask the Holy Spirit to:
Renew within us the gift of faith, given to us at the time of our baptism that we be able to share our faith with our neighbors
that we bring the joy of the Gospel into the world the Good News of salvation in Christ that as disciples of Christ (having received the gift of faith at baptism) we truly become missionaries, proclaiming God’s merciful love to the world.


By taking an active part in the spiritual activities of these ten Mission Days, we are called to better understand that our parish communities and our families (domestic churches) have by their very nature, a missionary character. This missionary spirit
is a result of the gift of our Baptism, by virtue of which we, as Christians, take upon ourselves the responsibility to believe, live, serve, and share the witness of our faith in Christ, not just 4 among our family members, but also with our neighbors, and with whomever we spend our time. Thus, the mission of our parish community is to allow our Lord to enter more deeply into our lives, and to carry the Good News beyond our own community, inviting others to partake in the Kingdom of God.

Other pastoral considerations and suggested for priests during the Mission Days
• Personal pastoral commitment of the pastor during Mission Days so as to include all the faithful:
– for children: (a painting contest on the theme: “the one who helped me grow in the faith” or “the one who taught me to
– for youth: (a concrete manifestation of my faith by volunteering my service; in an old age home, hospice, shut-ins)

– parish prayer groups: (conduct praqyer groups for those,

who at present serve in the missions, send them a letter of greeting; encourage prayer groups to a growth in the faith and a sharing of one’s faith with relatives, friends, colleagues at work, neighbors…)
– for choir (during the Mission Days the choir can sing during the liturgical services)
• Prayer – daily petitions to the Holy Spirit for the renewal of gifts, fruits, granted to us in the Holy Mystery of Chrismation
(for example: on the first day offer a petition for the gift of love, etc.)
• Presentation concerning the recent heroes – the new martyrs, confessors of the faith, who inspire us to live our faith with courage, trusting in God. A short presentation could be presented daily in the church about one of our new saints according to the theme for the day.

• Invite a missionary, religious sister, or administrator of a prayer group or youth group to the parish for one day, and share their experiences of missionary service, new methods of evangelization, catechesis, or concerning how the parish community may assist pastors working in missionary territory.
• Hold a prayer vigil in the parish (for the spreading the faith, or increasing the number of faithful in the parish, to having the courage to be a witness of one’s faith to others, for success of missionaries, for parish renewal on Pentecost, for the renewal
of the gifts/fruits of the Holy Spirit, meditation on the Symbol of Faith (creed), etc.)

• Organize a procession (stopping near chapels, crosses, or statutes of the Blessed Virgin Mary, if there are any) in the locality of the parish, with candles (symbols of the light of faith) with readings from Sacred Scripture concerning the faith and missionary activity (Mt 18:19-20, Mk 16:15) traveling to the boundary of parish territory where there we encounter these who are neglected – this will be a sign that the Lord remembers them and that they become his disciples, living a new life acknowledging their baptism.
• Visit a school or organize at church with the assistance of volunteers a series of classes on the theme: “Handing down of
the Faith, or Growth in Faith.”
• Set up an exposition of photographs about a life of service in the parish, or about what their parish means for them.
• Sponsor a youth “flash-mob” on the theme: transmission of the faith, bringing someone familiar to Jesus Christ.

• In those situations where the parish priest is unable to organize these activities, a catechist, leader of a prayer group, or student-seminarian may be authorized to substitute for him.

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