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Steps to Evangelizing Your Parish

Steps to Evangelizing Your Parish

Identity:”We the parish community of …”
Purpose: “Our mission is to…”
Function: “We are committed to…”
Future: “We seek to become…”

Think of Three words that summarize your mission statement and display them to express your community. Incorporate them into
your parish bulletin, your religious education, your church sign, your petitions during the Liturgy.
For example, when you gather at a parish meeting or pastoral council, you can begin or end with: “Dear Lord, as a parish community let us….”

Nearly two-thirds of the adults who use the Internet in the United States have used it for faith related matters.( Pew Research, 2009)
Your webpage should be:
*Easy to navigate
*A schedule of Services and times
*Directions to your church
*List Activities and events
*Provide links to relevant Internet sites for all ages.

Think of your church sign as the face of the parish. It’s not the Whole of what we show but it is a prominent part. Is your parish sign clearly visible? Current? Readable from the car? Contain the times for services? Does it say “All are welcome”?

*Make your bulletin easy to read for young and old alike: consider your font sizes, colors used, and lay-out. As a new parishioner
would I understand all the language? (For example: the LUC will meet in Lemko Hall this week. What is the LUC and where is
Lemko hall?)
*Distribution of Bulletin: Send or drop off your bulletin to the shut- ins, the nursing homes, hospital patients, and display it on the
website. Also have a “greetor” distribute them to those who attend services.

“The one who welcomes you, welcomes me, and the one who welcomes me welcomes my Father who sent me.” (Mt 10:40)
Close your eyes. Imagine yourself driving to your parish church for the first time; upon getting out of the car and walking to your church building name three things that make you feel welcomed as you approach and enter the church.
Is your church:
INVITING: Is your church well lit, comfortable, organized, prayerful, and welcoming? Do you feel at home or as an unwelcomed guest? Are you welcomed? Are you provided with any information or invited to sign a guest book? Are you made familiar with the service you will be attending or the book to be used?
Is there an information table, describing your church and offering an insight into your community? Are there updated bulletin boards with activities listed? A suggestion box?
SPIRITUAL Is the spirit of the parish community open and welcoming? Do you feel God’s presence among those you meet?
Do you find the environment peaceful, prayerful, and loving?

“You are a letter from Christ, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the Living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” (2 Cor.3.3)

How can I be a living sign in my…
Parish: I can welcome new faces. I can reach out to those alone or in need. I can be kind to those I greet . I can be sensitive to the
needs of others.
Workplace: I can offer my prayers and support to those around me. I can be respectful of others’ beliefs.
Neighborhood: I can welcome new residents. Support community and ecumenical gatherings, display symbols of my faith. Help those less fortunate with time, talent or money.

Last thought: The test of a parishes maturity will not only be how much is happening at and through the parish but how much is
happening off the parish grounds and in the everyday world of lay people. ( Creating the Evangelizing Parish pg 75)

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