Archeparchy of Winnipeg

Unity 2014 Theme and Logo

Theme & Logo


Introducing our theme and logo! The theme and logo began being visualized during the Unity Visioning Retreat way back in November 2012. By the time the Unity 2014 Planning Team met up in Camrose to discuss the theme and Bible passage that would inspire our Unity 2014 weekend, they began seriously thinking about what it means to be a Ukrainian Catholic young adult in today’s day and age. The major questions that kept floating around? “How can we move forward with our lives and still keep our faith? How can we bridge the gap between secular and faithful?” The answer is the theme you see above, “Faith Forward.” To move forward with our lives is to grow in our faith, no matter which direction life takes us or how secular our world is. One thing we can be sure of is that, as our Bible passage states, God is always with us, wherever we go.

The theme helped inform the creation of our logo, inspired by the play on words “Faith Forward” has on “Fast Forward.” By taking the fast forward button and putting a cross at the end, we have a combination of the Christian with the secular, something that Ukrainian Catholic young adults strive to balance in their own lives.

With this theme and logo, the Unity 2014 Planning Team hopes to inspire a weekend of discernment, education, and joy, helping us all to begin to discover how we each can find our personal way of living the Gospel in our crazy, fast-paced lives.


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