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Winnipeg Activites from October 2005 to October 2007

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The Youth & Young Adult office has been very busy since the last Convention.  Below is a list of all the activities that have been offered by the UCY/UCYA office since October 2005 to October 2007:  October 2005 to December 2005

  • The youth and young adults attended the Ukrainian Catholic Convention held from October 21 to October 23, 2005 at Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Winnipeg.  The Youth & Young Adults had their own session featuring “The Gospel According to the Simpsons” with viewing and discussion on the theme “then Bad things happen to good people.”  Guest Speaker: Fr Brian Kolodiejchuk ~ Mother Teresa: Love in Living Action. A total of 15 people attended the session. In addition, our new executive for 2005-07 was chosen. Elected were: President- Julie Ternovetsky (St. Anne) Vice-president- Aaron Balla (St. Michael) Secretary- Katherine Davidson (St. Anne) Treasurer- Kristina Ewchuk (Holy Eucharist) Members at Large- Jessica Brosch (Sts. Peter and Paul), Danielle Zerkee (St. Anne), Amber Teres (St. Michael) and Trevor Robinson (Holy Family). Past President- Leanne Veale
  • Attended the 100th Anniversary Reunion of Immaculate Heart of Mary School Oct 7-9 The Youth donated $300 to the IHMS 100 year Celebration future school project.
  • The Ukrainian Catholic Youth and Young Adults News newsletter goes out once a month to the youth and young adults of MB and across
  • Attended the Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Concert “Good News” at St Anne’s Parish on October 1
  • Advisory Board/Executive meetings were held every month on Saturday afternoons
  • The Youth Executive attended Moleben & Gala Names Day Banquet on November 8 at The Fairmont.  This was in honour of His Grace’s 75th Birthday and in thanksgiving for his service as Metropolitan for the Ukrainian Catholics in
  • Attended the 100th Anniversary of St Nicholas Mutual Benefit Association on Nov 12
  • 8 UCY attended the Ukrainian Park Fundraising Dinner at St Peter and Paul Parish. 
  • Hosted the Twilight Retreat and Ice Cream Social at St Michael’s on Sunday, Nov 27. Guest Speaker ~ Sr Theresa Matwe, SSMI Topic: Betrayed Self-Dignity ~ Are we selling out? Based on ~ Sex Trafficking in Ukraine (16 youth & 24 young adults and leaders attended) Also, pastoral intern Xenios Marckx led an Akathist ‘For All Good Things’
  • The youth and young adult office coordinated their efforts with the catechism classes in Winnipeg to create Christmas cards and ornaments as an advent project for the residents of Holy Family Nursing Home. Each child decorated an ornament with their photograph on it and include it in a card with a Christmas Greeting in English and Ukrainian. The supplies and cards were provided to each catechism coordinator. This is the ‘Adopt a Baba/Dido’ for Advent project.  The parishes who chose to take part in the Adopt a Baba/Dido project at Holy Family Nursing Home: St. Anne’s, Holy Eucharist, St. Michael’s, Holy Family, St. Josephat, St. Basil’s, Sts. Peter & Paul and St. John’s. In addition, St. Mary’s in Brandon who did the project for a local nursing home there.
  • A small group attended our Nov screening for the Movie Club on Sunday, 13. Due to this being decided on at our last executive meeting, we were unable to fit the item into the last newsletter. The film shown was Life is Beautiful and it was viewed using the guidelines provided in the Book Finding God in the Movies.
  • Ligouri Circle was held at Holy Family Parish Sunday, Nov 20.   They wrapped Christmas Presents for 70+ children of the community at the December 18th meeting at The Welcome Home. 
  • A group of Young adults caroled for Metropolitan Michael Bzdel and at Holy Family Nursing Home on December 26 (handed out the ornaments that were done by the catechism classes.
  • Guest Speaker with Julie Ternovetsky for the Catholic Health Association of MB on Nov 18

Ukrainian Catholic Youth & Young Adult Office January 2006 to October 2006·        

  • The Executive members attended the New Years Levee on January 1 at St Michael’s Parish
  • The Ukrainian Catholic Youth and Young Adults News newsletter goes out once a month to the youth and young adults of MB and across
  • Advisory Board/Executive meetings were held every month on Saturday afternoons
  • The movie club reconvened on January 29 for a showing of Chicago at the Chancery. The movie club views movies from a Catholic perspective.
  • Attended Table for Two, a candlelit dinner for young couples, married or engaged. Saturday Feb. 18th, at Holy Family Parish Hall.
  • The Liguori Circle group served the meal at The Welcome Home Family Night on Thursday, February 16.  Helped with meal preparations for this event at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall on Wednesday February 15 at 7:00pm.
  • On February 5, 2006 – Super Bowl Sunday, there was a collection of money and canned goods in the Ukrainian Catholic Churches.  The funds that were collected were to be for Welcome Home.  As a result of this year’s collection for “Souper Bowl Sunday”, we presented Welcome Home with a cheque for $195 donated from St Micheal’s Parish and a cheque for $120 donated from St Anne’s Parish for a total donation of $315. The purpose of this was to collect non-perishable food items and monetary donations to be given to a needy family in each parish or to Winnipeg Harvest.
  • Attended the installation of our new Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, OSBM on February 11. The youth & young adult members took part in the procession and attended the banquet afterward.
  • On Sunday, February 19, a group of about 85 children, youth and parents came to Bird’s Hill Park to enjoy a sleigh ride hosted by Holy Eucharist Parish. Afterward, everyone was invited back to Holy Eucharist for Hot Dogs and snacks.
  • LENTEN SESSIONS ~ based on: Would you like to learn how to listen more effectively? Would you like to be able to speak to your Parents ~ Teenagers ~ Siblings more effectively? The Youth & Young Adult Office held a 7 week course on Becoming Effective Communicators (& Listeners Too)! Held every Wednesday at 7:00 pm from February 22, 2006 to April 5, 2006
  • The movie club met again on Sunday, March 5 at 9:30 am at the Chancery Chapel with Divine Liturgy followed by a viewing and discussion of the movie Chocolat.
  • Kristina Ewchuk represented the young adults and the executive for the Archeparchy at the Unity ’06 planning meeting on the weekend of March 10 to 12 in Saskatoon.
  • The youth and young adults attended the fundraising dinner for Immaculate Heart of Mary School on March 11.
  • Holy Eucharist youth group hosted the Bowling afternoon and guest speaker on Sunday, March 19. Everyone was inspired by the words of our special guest Roxanna Koe from Athletes In Action and had a great time. 60 people took part in the event.
  • The Show & Save book was on sale in late March as a fundraiser for those going to Unity or for each individual youth group’s fundraising opportunity.
  • Attended the Lenten Mission at St Michael’s Parish on April 2 to 4, 2006 presented by Fr Mark Gnutel.  We also kicked off the signing of the Unity Banner on Sunday, April 2 during the Mission.
  • The Ukrainian Redemptorists sponsored a Twilight Retreat for Young Adults on Palm Sunday, April 9. The retreat leader was Sister Darlene Pelechaty, SSMI There was time for input, discussion and contemplation.  A potluck supper followed.
  • Spoke at the St Anne’s parish grade 8 Graduation on April 29.
  • Spoke at the Priest Conference at Sts Vladamir and Olga Parish about Unity 2006 with the viewing of the Unity video and signing the Unity banner on May 4.

Ukrainian Catholic Youth & Young Adult Office

  • The planning team from Saskatchewan visited Winnipeg on May 26 to 28. On Friday, May 26, a young adult evening and pasta supper: ‘A Hawaiian Extravaganza’ was held at Holy Family Parish. We gave away money vouchers towards Unity 2006 as prizes for the best Hawaiian outfits! On Saturday, May 27 & Sunday, May 28, the planning team and our young adults went to Holy Family, St Joseph’s and Rossdale Parishes to speak about Unity. On Saturday, May 27, we held the (outdoor) End of the Year Movie Bash at Rossdale Blessed Virgin Mary Parish (near Lower Fort Garry) in the evening with a hot dog supper to start. The movie we watched off the outdoor wall of the church was: “The Chronicles of Narnia.” We also did a small bible study on the movie before and after. We had 38 people attend the Hawaiian Extravaganza and 49 people join us for the End of the Year Movie Bash. 
  • The 8th Annual Walk for Mary was held on May 28that Holy Eucharist Parish
  • Some of our youth and young adults attended the Feast day of the Ukrainian Catholic Martyrs Nicholas Charnetsky and Companions and the Annual Pilgrimage celebrations at the Blessed Martyr Vasyl Velychkovsky Shrine on June 26 & 27 at
    St Joseph’s Parish
  • Attended the Ecumenical Youth Directors meeting at The Anglican Centre on June 1.
  • Hosted the Ecumenical Youth Directors end of the year BBQ and gathering on June 12
  • Some of the Youth and Young Adults were counselors for Ukrainian Park Camp from July 2 to July 16, where the theme was “It’s Fun To Be Ukrainian” Visited the camp on July 5
  • The youth and young adults helped out through out the Kiev Pavilion for Folklorama from August 6-12. 
  • Everyone was invited from August 18-20 to Cooks Creek for the celebration of 50 years of the Metropolia in
    Canada.  A Youth/Children of Mary/Alter boy activity day was held before the Liturgy on the Saturday.  They participated in the Stations of the Cross followed by a Jesus Bead making craft project (20 children/youth attended).  This was followed by a musical presentation by Sts Peter & Paul’s parish “The Musical Knights” while everyone ate supper.  Then all the parishes were invited to a Pontifical Divine Liturgy on Sunday, where the Metropolitan celebrated with those couples that had been married for over 50 years and also for the priests, deacons and sisters that have served for over 50 years.

·         Unity 2006 was held in Muenster, SK from August 24-27. Participants from Manitoba: 25 and 106 total participants! Unity was a gathering of Ukrainian Catholic Young Adults from across
North America to help them to better understand who they are as Ukrainian Catholics and it built upon the momentum created by Unity 96 in
Winnipeg 8 years ago. The main Unity 2006 Facilitators were Fr Mark Gnutel and Sister Darleane Pelechaty.  The Break Out Sessions, workshops and speakers were: So You Think You Are Moral! by Fr. Bryan J. Bayda, C.Ss. R., God – With a Byzantine Attitude by Fr. Andrij Figol, The Maytag Sin Bin : An Extreme Makeover of the Soul byFr. Mark Gnutel, Surfing the INNER-net:  Praying with God’s Holy Word by Fr.Larry Kondra, C.Ss.R., The Birds and the Bees – Connecting with God through Nature by  Jessalyn Lastiwka, Icons: Enter the Image by Fr. Bo (Bohdan) Nahachewsky, Jesus Prayer: Prayer for All Occasions by Fr. Ivan and Debbie Nahachewsky, Being a Lover by Sr. Darleane Pelechaty, SSMI,Ultimate Heroes of our Faith – our Martyrs by Fr. John Sianchuk, C.Ss.R., The Divine Liturgy’s Secret Code by Fr. John Sianchuk, C.Ss.R., Your Personal Spiritual Soundtrack by Fr. Michael Smolinski, C.Ss.R., My Family, My Destiny by Fr. Andre Lalach, How to Connect with a Friend on a Spiritual Level by Fr. Bohdan Choly, Stewardship by Adrian Olenick, Unity in a Diverse Catholic Church by Fr. Bohdan & Jessalyn Nahachewski

  • Hosted Movie Club in the afternoon on Sunday, Sept 24 –‘The Terminal’
  • The UCWLC of MB invited all youth & young adults to attend a Memorial Liturgy & Panahyda at Holy Family Parish on September 27for Rev Mitrat Stephan Semczuk, the UCY of MB benefactor. 
  • Some of the young adult members attended the: Singing the Liturgies: A Preliminary Session on Saturday, September 30th.  This session was for all cantors of our parishes, as well as all those interested in learning more about liturgical singing in either English or Ukrainian.

Ukrainian Catholic Youth & Young Adult Office

October 2006 to December 2006:

  • Attended the Catholic Health Association of MB (CHAM) meeting at the Winnipeg Diocese office on October 10
  • Eight Youth Executive members attended the Ukrainian Park Fundraising Dinner on October 14 at Sts Peter & Paul Parish
  • Our youth and young adults attended the start of Year 5 of Emmaus on October 21.The session for the day was “What We Believe” by Fr David Creamer, sj
  • Young Adults attended the Noon Byzantine Liturgy at University of Manitoba in St. Paul’s College on Wednesday Oct. 25th, in the Chapel.  Fr. Mike Smolinski was the celebrant
  • Attended the Sobor and Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Metropolitan for Ukrainian Catholics in
    Canada from October 26-28. This was celebrated with a banquet on October 28 at the Victoria Inn. The keynote speaker was father Darrin Gurr with presentations from Rod Picklyk, Fr. Mark Gnutel, Bishop David, and Norm and Sandra Dobson and the Saturday night banquet honoured the 50th Anniversary of the first Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitan in Canada. In addition, our youth and young adults had a display set up of past youth & young adult activites at the Sobor and banquet
  • Hosted Movie Club in the afternoon on Sunday, Oct 22 – ‘Bend It Like Beckham’
  • Attended the Catholic Health Association of MB (CHAM) meeting at the St Boniface Tache office on November 2
  • Attended the Ecumenical Youth Directors meeting at The United Church Centre on November 8.
  • Attended and presented the prayer/reflection for the IHCAM Banquet at the Victoria
    Inn on November 8
  • Attended the Young Adults in Action meeting on Monday November 13. The Guest Speaker was Elaine Bishop, Executive Director of the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre
  • Our youth and young adults attended Emmaus on November 18.  The session for the day was “Catechesis 3” by Sr Lorraine St Hillaire, snjm.

December 2006: 

  • Bowling and Pizza night on Sunday, December 3 hosted by Holy Eucharist Parish youth
  • I attended the monthly Ecumenical Youth directors meeting Dec at the Mennonite Centre  
  • There was an informational meeting: At Holy Family Parish, 1001 Grant Ave, December 10, at 7pm for those interested in going to Australia for WYD 2008
  • Young Adults in Action on Monday December 11, 2006 Guest Speakers: The Welcome Home Community
  • Saturday, Dec 16  Advisory Board Mtg at 1:30
  • Sunday, December 17 ~ Mystery Bus Ride!  We departed at 2:30pm to places unknown: 10000 Villages ~ to pack AIDS care packages for 3rd World Countries, Pizza supper, CanadInns Christmas Light Show at the Assinaboine Downs. 
  • December Young Adults in Action Activity: Sunday December 17, 2006, at The Welcome Home (188 Euclid Avenue). A gift-wrapping extravaganza! Helped sort & wrap 70+ gifts for the children’s Christmas party. They concluded with a pizza supper.
  • We again invited each parish catechism class to join with the UCY office in making Christmas Ornaments for the residents of Holy Family Nursing Home. The finished cards & ornaments were delivered on Saturday, December 30th to Holy Family Nursing Home by the Youth & Young Adults from 3:30pm to 6pm.  There were 13 parish catecism classes and youth groups that particiated this year in making the ornaments.

Ukrainian Catholic Youth & Young Adult Office

January 2007 to October 2007:   

    • The youth executive attended the New Year’s Levy at St Peter & Paul Parish on January 1
    • I hosted the monthly Ecumenical Youth directors meeting on Jan 17
    • Youth and Young Adult groups collected dollars and non-perishable food items in large soup pots during the “Souper Bowl of Caring” on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, in support of Winnipeg Harvest and The Welcome Home
    • I attended the CCYMN annual meeting in Halifax from February 4 – 10
    • The married/soon to be married young adults attended “Table for Two”, a couples evening hosted by the Redemptorist young adult Vocation Ministry and Holy Family Parish on February 10. 
    • The Youth executive attended the 18th Annual Fundraising Dinner for Immaculate Heart of Mary School on March 10.
    • The UCY office hosted a Lenten Retreat and fast-a-thon on March 9 to 10 (sleepover at the chancery)
    • I attended the monthly Ecumenical Youth directors meeting on March 14 at the St Boniface Diocesan Centre  
    • The UCY office will sell Show and Save Books as a fundraiser in March/April (sold 31 books)
    • The youth attended a retreat put on by the Redemtorist Young Adults on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2007.  Year-end Workshop & Potluck for Young Adults in Action! Sunday April 1, 2007 – (Palm Sunday) Sr. Carmella Lukey, ssmi and Sr. Monica Papiz, ssmi (Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate) lead us in a workshop on the Spirituality of Icons. Following the workshop there was an evening Vespers service, concluding with a potluck supper at 3pm at St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, 160 Euclid.
    • Bud/spud/steak was held on Friday, May 4 for the WYD group going to Austrailia $15 at Silverado’s
    • The youth and young adult office movie club continued on May 6 at Holy Eucharist Parish ~ the movie was Nanny McPhee.
    • The Youth participated in the Walk for Mary at Holy Eucharist Parish on May 29
  • ·         Ukrainian Park 50th Anniversary planning team meetings were held once a month.
    ·         Executive meetings were held once a month. 
    ·         Saturday, June 16 ~ End of the year Outdoor Movie Night BBQ @ 7pm, movie @ 8pm at Rossdale Parish.
    ·         The Eccumenical Youth Directors including myself, attended the end of the year BBQ and meeting on June 27th, 2007 
    • Catholic Children’s Camp 2007 was held at Ukrainian Park Campground from Sunday, July 1 – Sunday, July 15 (120+ children and councelors per week).  This years theme was ‘The Great Race’.
    • Youth Members attended the annual Dauphin Ukrainian Festival, August 3-5, 2007
    • The youth and young adults helped out through out the Kyiv Pavilion for Folklorama from August 12-18. 
    • Immaculate Conception Parish in Cooks Creek, Manitoba hosted the Pilgrimage on August 17-19.  Youth activities were planned by the parish for the Saturday portion. 6 executive members attended the Sunday Liturgy and activities.
    • The UCY office hosted a reunion and fundraiser for campers and counselors of the Archeparchial Children’s Camp at Ukrainian Park on August 24-26.  This event is in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Metropolia and is for anyone that has ever been a camper or counselor at Ukrainian Park Children’s Camp or Alter Boy/Children of Mary Camp.

     Ukrainian Catholic Youth & Young Adult Office August 2007 to October 2007:   

    • Reunion CD’s of past Camp children’s songs was recorded and sold as a fundraiser for the youth and for the park.
    • Ukrainian frisbees were designed, made and sold as a fundraiser for the park and the youth.
    • The youth & young adults attended the Memorial Liturgy & Panahyda for Rev Mitrat Stephan Semczuk, the UCY of MB benefactor on September 27.
    • Young Adults in Action Fall Kick-off!! As part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Ukrainian Redemptorists, Young Adults in Action welcomed missionary Fr. Maurice Nutt, C.Ss.R. from Memphis, Tennessee  to St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Hall on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 7:30 pm.  The youth office was asked to help out and also attend the event.
    • Youth members attended the Sept. 28 fundraiser for WYD 2008 at St. Paul’s College – performance of Damien by Fr. Edward Evanko
    • The Youth & Young Adult office hosted a Marriage retreat & couples workshop on Saturday, Sept 29 at St Andrew’s Parish ~ Retreat Master: Fr. Charles Joanides, This was a daylong workshop for couples preparing for marriage as well as for married couples. Some of the subjects he addressed are as follows: (a) why marriages succeed or fail, (b) effective communication techniques (c) what’s your arguing style (d) myths about divorce (e) attributes of a Christ-centered marriage (f) how our faith helps our marriage (g)balancing strategies that work (h) inter-faith couples and family challenges  -Emphasis on reflecting on and strengthening your marriage/relationship
    • 8 Executive members attended the Ukrainian Park Camp Fundraiser Dinner Sat, Sept 29
    • Sunday, Sept 30 the travelling WYD Icon was @ Holy Family Parish, for the 10 am Liturgy
    • Sunday, October 7 WYD Icon will be @  St Joseph’s Parish
    • Sunday, October 14 WYD Icon will be @ St Anne’s
    • Sunday, October 21 WYD Icon will be @  St Michael’s Parish
    • The Youth & Young Adults will attend the Ukrainian Catholic Convention ‘Our Church ~ Our Gift’ held on October 26-27, 2007 at the Canad Inns – Garden City, where an new executive was elected.  The Youth Session on the Saturday afternoon will be: ‘Meyers-Briggs ~   finding out your  personality type!’ The second Youth Session will be: ‘Understanding and appreciating the Gifts of yourself and your peers.’

     Further Upcoming events:  ·        The Youth executive will attend a Unity 2009 meeting in Toronto in November.·        The Youth executive will ask all the churches’ catechism groups to make ornaments for the residents of Holy Family Nursing Home to give out when the youth members go caroling in December.  ·        A Youth Director training course will be held in the beginning of 2008 for youth directors from each parish.·         World Youth Day 2008 in Austrialia ·         Unity 2009 in Toronto·         Unity 2012 in Winnipeg·         An Ecumenical Youth Event may be planned for either 2007 or 2008·         A Tri-Di Event may be planned for 2007 or 2008

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