Archeparchy of Winnipeg

BLESSING OF HOMES ~ Preparing for the Visit


The blessing of homes begins in January after the Feast of Holy Theophany. By His Baptism in the river Jordan, Christ sanctified the waters. It is at this time of year that that sanctification is brought to your homes, to you and to your loved ones. I pray that you will keep this tradition of having your homes blessed. Please contact your parish priest to set up a time and day. May God bless all of you during this New Year with health and salvation!!

1) Your home does NOT have to be spotless, but should be free of clutter on the floor, like toys, which may
cause Father to trip or fall.
2) A table should be prepared with an icon, a candle, a small bowl, holy water and a list of first names of
everyone you want Father to pray for during the service for their health. If you do not have Holy Water,
please let Father know and he will bring a bottle of it for you to keep.
3) If you have any small items, like crosses or icons, that you want blessed, place them on the table and let
Father know.
4) Turn off all radios and TV’s. Take the phone off the hook during the short blessing service. Cell phones
should be turned off. Just remember to place the phone back on the hook and turn on your cell phone
at the end of the blessing.
5) Close all doors to rooms you do not want Father to enter…open all doors in the home, otherwise.
6) A family member should lead Father around the home during the blessing. Children may do this, girls or
7) If you have a pet, they may also receive a blessing, but please keep them under control to prevent them
from jumping on Father or getting under his feet.
8) The priest looks forward to sharing this special blessing with you and your family. Many Years!!

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